09/26/2013 04:26 pm ET

The Marionettes In This Vintage Telephone Manners Video Will Haunt Your Dreams (VIDEO)

Imagine a time long before iPhones became a valid children's toy. You're picturing the landline or cordless circa 1990s, aren't you? Now go back a few decades further and imagine when home telephones were a new(ish) technology that many didn't fully understand. Or know the proper way to use it. This was the time of "Adventures In Telezonia," a 1949 film that instructed kids (and perhaps adults) on the dos and don'ts of communicating via phone.

While the mission is a noble one, the execution is... well, it's scary. There are marionettes, which rank up there with "clowns" as something that would inspire nightmares. Watch the video above to see a clip from this timelessly terrifying look at vintage telephone manners. For the full version, visit Archive.org.

Will the landline ever be extinct? You be the judge.

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