09/26/2013 04:30 pm ET Updated Nov 26, 2013

Senators Lash Out At The Media Over Public's NSA Opposition


Many members of the Senate Intelligence Committee who gathered on Thursday for a hearing on the National Security Agency had harsh words for a foe they thought had deceived the American public and spread mistrust about U.S. intelligence methods.

If you were thinking that foe was the NSA itself, you'd be wrong. It was the media!

Multiple senators, while defending the NSA's tactics and surveillance programs, made sure to get a dig in at those awful people in the media who revealed those tactics to the world.

The committee's chair, Dianne Feinstein, led off:

Her Republican counterpart, Saxby Chambliss, continued the theme, blaming leaker Edward Snowden:

One senator, Republican Dan Coats, even used his entire five minute allotment for a rant about the media:

Coats went on for so long about the media's malfeasance, in fact, that he didn't even ask a question:

At least one senator, Democrat Ron Wyden, wasn't having it: