09/27/2013 05:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alec Baldwin Joins Hilaria Baldwin In Yoga DVD (VIDEO)


Alec Baldwin is shamelessly proud of wife Hilaria Baldwin's yoga routine and nutrition, so it's no surprise that the 55-year-old actor now pops up in her new DVD release.

Among other things, Alec has thanked his young bride (and mother of his newborn daughter Carmen) for his health, weight loss, renewed energy and diet changes, among others. "I'm getting married to a woman who is very dedicated and very respected and admired in what she does," he told the Hollywood Reporter in 2012. "She makes jokes that I'm not as good as she would like me to be. If I eat a cracker, she wants to get a rope and hang me."

So how else has Alec embraced Hilaria's zen lifestyle? The yoga instructor revealed to Vanity Fair this week that: "I did most of my yoga on my own, but he definitely helped me out. And part of the DVD is partner stretches. He would do the three we have on [the video] … We're both very bossy people, and that day he let me boss."

Very well, then. Watch Hilaria (then still-pregnant) and Alec perform a partner yoga exercise in a teaser clip below.



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