09/29/2013 12:25 pm ET Updated Sep 29, 2013

Michele Bachmann: 'We're Not Caving In That Easily' On Government Shutdown Battle


Sitting a matter of hours away from a government shutdown, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and a corps of conservatives appear to be far from nervous.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner published Sunday morning, Bachmann explained how Republicans have no fear because they see this Obamacare battle as one of "historic" proportions.

"There is a very large group of us who believe that this is it, this isn't just another year, this isn't just another CR fight," Bachmann said. "This is historic, and it's a historic shift that's about to happen, and if we're going to fight, we need to fight now."

Bachmann has been one of the most fervent opponents of President Barack Obama's health care law. In an interview with CNN on Friday, the congresswoman reinforced how she sees a lethal potential within the Affordable Care Act.

"That is what I'm worried about," said Bachmann, who professed in March that Obamacare would "literally" kill people. "Not just me, people all across the United States. So this is literally an issue of life and death. I don't want to be proved right."

Back in late May, Bachmann revealed that she was retiring in 2014 from Congress. A week after making that announcement, she reflected back on her achievements, with an added focus on Obamacare.

"I feel like I have done a lot in the eight years that I have been there," Bachmann said. "I've redeemed the time. I was a very strong voice taking on my own party. I pushed back on the bailout. I was the champion of repealing Obamacare."



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