10/01/2013 08:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why Glenn Close Should Be Cruella De Vil Again In Disney's 'Cruella'


To many fans, Glenn Close is Cruella de Vil. The legendary actress portrayed the iconic villainess in both 1996's "101 Dalmatians" and 2000's "102 Dalmatians," and, frankly, she was great.

Disney is prepping a new live-action film based on the fashion maven who loves to wear puppies and there's no reason Close shouldn't return to the role. In fact, there are several reasons why "Cruella" must star Close.

1. Nobody does maniacally crazy like Glenn Close. She's scary good at being scary.


2. You really can't think of Cruelle de Vil without thinking of Glenn Close's sneering smile. She was so good at scaring children in "101 Dalmatians" and its sequel. The first time I interviewed Glenn Close for her TV show "Damages" I was beyond nervous. "You play such intense and sometimes terrifying characters at times -- personally '101 Dalmatians' scared the crap out of me," I told her on a red carpet.

"When you were 5 years old!?" she said, letting out that wonderful laugh. Yes, that laugh. [Laughs]

3. That laugh.

4. She needs an Oscar for playing a puppy-obsessed fashionista. It would be perfect.


5. She needs an Oscar in general. Close has been nominated for six Oscars and never won one.


6. She's Glenn Close. She's awesome in every role. If you've seen "Damages," you totally get it. Plus, remember the Golden Globes?

7. C'mon, though, that laugh.