10/01/2013 10:49 am ET

19 Kids And Their Hilariously Real Superhero Alter Egos

Move over BatDad. As anyone with a toddler knows, small children have superpowers worth touting too. Sneaking out of bed undetected, dropping to the ground and refusing to move or (on special occasions) exhibiting pure apathy... These amazing feats of toddler prowess take centerstage in blogger Ilana Wiles's latest photo contest -- a Power Pose-Off.

The idea to reveal kids' superhero alter egos originated from a technique Wiles uses to get her 3-year-old daughter to pose for pictures: "Whenever Mazzy doesn't want to take pictures, I have a little trick. No, I don't say 'cheese'. That stopped working years ago. I ask her to do a 'superhero pose'," she explained on her blog, Mommy Shorts.

Her previous photo projects include the viral Baby Mugging meme and an annual Evil Baby Glare-Off, and she saw a similarly enthusiastic response to this ask with hundreds of parents submitting little superheroes.

Of course, it wasn't just for fun: only one superhero could emerge from the Pose-Off victorious. Check out the slideshow below to see some our favorite little superheroes -- and find out who took the top prize!

Power Pose-Off