10/01/2013 05:48 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2013

Rosario Dawson On The Importance Of Surrounding Yourself With Amazing Women

Rosario Dawson knows something about incredible women -- she was raised by two of them.

"[My mom and grandmother are] just really tenacious, outrageous, full-on women," Dawson told host Ricky Camilleri during an Oct. 1 interview on HuffPost Live. "I think it's really nice to grow up with women that you have conversations with as you get older. She's not just my mom, she's this wonderful, interesting, older woman."

And it's the women she's surrounded herself with who have allowed her to be excited about getting older, despite working in an industry that often pretends that ladies don't exist after 40. Dawson spoke candidly about how her older female role models have prevented her from freaking out over the aging process:

It's like, "Oh my god you're 34, you should be, like, planning your death," according to my industry. But the women I've surrounded myself with -- Eve Ensler, Jane Fonda -- I mean, I've just had these amazing women that make me really excited about every chapter of my life, which is cool. I think women need that a lot in their life.

And if you're not already sure you'd like to hang out with Rosario Dawson, what she does in her spare time will certainly change your mind. "For work I am super disciplined," she said. "As soon as I'm off work, all I wanna do is play video games and hang out and plan Burning Man trips."

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Famous Female Friendships
Famous Female Friendships