Mila Kunis Loves Chicago, Reveals The One Thing Keeping Her From Moving There

The rumor isn't exactly new news, but in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, A-List actress and "L.A. girl" Mila Kunis revealed she's strongly considered moving to Chicago -- but there's one big factor making her staying put.

"If you take the winter away from Chicago, I would move there," Kunis, who was recently in the city shooting the Wachowskis-directed "Jupiter Ascending" along with Channing Tatum, told Vanity Fair (embedded above).

"There are no paparazzi there," the actress continued, when asked what she loved about the Windy City. "But you get the city. You get New York with a Midwestern vibe. So you have, like, the downtown aspect of Manhattan but with the city people being very welcoming and warm, very Midwestern, like, blue-collar folk. And no paparazzi! They just don't exist, they're just not there."

She went on to admit that people did recognize her while she was in town and often stopped her to take pictures "but I can walk out of my house, out of my apartment building without keeping my head down, which is what I'm so used to doing."

She went on to give props to the city's food, music scene and -- of course -- the Bears.

Kunis was recently spotted with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher decked out in Bears gear at a Steelers-Bears game in Pittsburgh where the two also managed to have some fun by photobombing a certain Steelers chairman.

While in town shooting this summer, Kunis was also seen with Kutcher taking in Robin Thicke at the Taste of Chicago.



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