10/02/2013 05:24 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2013

Splitting The Cost Of The Engagement Ring? Readers Weigh In On New Trend

Many modern brides have no problem bucking tradition -- whether it means skipping the white dress, keeping their last name after marriage, or having someone other than their dad (or no one at all!) walk them down the aisle.

And lately, we've been hearing about a lot of women who are deciding to "go Dutch" and split the cost of an engagement ring with their spouse-to-be.

“Today, because both the man and woman earn money and contribute to the financials and the decision-making, it’s not surprising that both of them are involved in all aspects [of choosing and paying for the ring],” matchmaker Samantha Daniels told “I think it makes for a better connection between the two people.”

On Tuesday, we sparked a lot of debate among our followers when we asked them how they would feel about splitting the cost of the ring. Find out what men and women on both sides had to say below.

"No problem! I'll snake the drain, kill the spiders and pee standing up, too." - @coffeeinmyleft

"I did that four years ago. His transmission went out and he didn't have the money to pay for both so I helped. It's our money in the end anyway." - @talithajm41

"I'm sure that would go over great..." - @annakilgore

"In this day and age, I think it is only fair...start off on equal footing." - @ShannonRoss44

"No, just no." - @KittyWittyInk

"Is he splitting the dress cost? Am I paying for half of his suit? Half of the pain while giving birth? Deal." - @Successss

"Bulls**t." - @VocalImagery

"We might as well just save the money and buy the wedding bands. That's ridiculous." - @ChristinaB0Bina

"Doesn’t this happen anyway when you marry and share lives, bank accounts and debts? I would have no problem with this." - @stellawonkey

"If my taste exceeded his budget and I had the cash to spare, maybe? Not as romantic as him deciding alone though..." - @lizettesnyc

"I don't think most women would feel it." - @CaitlinRondino

"It's a very stupid idea. It's a man's duty to present his fiance with an engagement ring." - @iffyji

"I would be fine with that, but my wife might get upset." - @enilkevets

"I didn't split the cost, but my fiancé was smart and gave me his grandmother's ring, so his cost for customization wasn't too awful." - @RachelBraman

Let us know how you feel about this trend in the comments below.

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