10/02/2013 01:12 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2013

Stars' Twitter Reactions To The Government Shutdown


There looks to be no end in sight as Day 2 of the country's government shutdown unfolds. Citizens are confused, frustrated and fed up.

Guess who else has had it with Congress? None other than our favorite stars, of course.

Here's a roundup of the best celebrity tweets about the shutdown -- spanning serious to silly:

First, there's those who call out the BS. A thousand times yes, Tatyana! Dawson is so eloquent. Preach, Sophia Bush. Valid demand. Then there are those who turn to comedy. Isn't this what Snoop would do if there was no shutdown? Uh oh. It sucks, right John? That escalated quickly. Maybe our Congress is in BB mourning? Meta future government is supposed to be better. Right? This is the world we live in.