10/03/2013 03:24 pm ET

Jack Andraka Shares More Of His Amazing Story In New Intel Ad (VIDEO)

For those unfamiliar with Jack Andraka, you should know one thing: He's kind of a big deal. You may know him as the whiz kid who developed an early detection pancreatic cancer test, but before the 15-year-old became a superstar in the science community, he faced some bumps in the road.

In an awesome two-minute ad for Intel, viewers get to know Jack's story a little better. Before he went on to win the prestigious Gordan E. Moore award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair last year (and a $75,000 prize) for his groundbreaking research, he experienced struggles in being taken seriously by other scientists.

"But what did I know?" asks Jack in the ad's voiceover. "I was too young to understand things like cancer or how to test for it... One hundred and ninety-nine experts told me that I was too young -- that they didn't have time for my little science project." And then Jack proved them wrong. Watch in the inspiring video above.

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