10/03/2013 02:20 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2013

Teen With 'Superhuman Strength' Spits Blood At Firefighters During Drug-Fueled Party: Police

A wild drug-fueled party in California got even crazier when two teenagers allegedly spit blood at firefighters who showed up to help a guest who had reportedly suffered a seizure.

Emergency crews responded to a Mill Valley, Calif., home early Sunday after receiving a report that a teen had experienced a seizure while on LSD, according to KTVU.

When they arrived, paramedics and firefighters were blocked from entering the home by a 16-year-old boy allegedly covered in blood. Police told KTVU that the teen refused to let responders inside the home, displaying "superhuman strength" while resisting emergency crew efforts to open a gate.

"It's interesting that both firefighters and a deputy both described this individual as having superhuman strength," Marin County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Doug Pittman told the station. "This is something we used to see years ago with the use of PCP. We don't see that very much anymore."

Authorities told the station that the responders called for backup once the 16-year-old and his 18-year-old girlfriend began spitting blood into the faces of firefighters.

Officers from five neighboring cities showed up to calm the scene. When emergency workers were finally able to get inside to assist the seizing teen, they discovered eight other partygoers allegedly covered in blood.

Inside, deputies said they found what appeared to be marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and a designer drug similar to ecstasy, according to The San Francisco Appeal.

Deputies determined the blood had come from self-inflicted injuries of the blood-spitting 16-year-old.

The two spitting teens, along with another 18-year-old male, were all charged with resisting arrest, being under the influence and assaulting emergency workers. All three were taken to a nearby hospital to let the drugs wear off before being booked into either Marin County Jail or juvenile hall.

A 16-year-old girl whose family owned the house was also charged with a misdemeanor under the county's Social Host Accountability Ordinance, according to SFist.

An investigation is ongoing, and authorities say other charges may be added.