10/07/2013 03:33 pm ET

Why 'Loving Somebody Who Is Imperfect' Is The Key To Marital Happiness (VIDEO)

On their website, "A Blog About Love," Danny and Mara Kofoed share upbeat tales of settling into a happy marriage. And while it would be easy to allow readers to see only their triumphant moments, the couple works hard to balance the highs with honest depictions of the lows.

The Kofoeds recently told HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani that they've learned perfection in a relationship is simply impossible, so they "don't try and hide behind an idea of perfection on the blog."

"One of the things we try to talk about is the many failures we have experienced in life -- we were both married before, and the difficulty that comes with something like divorce or infertility, which is a current aspect of things we're going through," Danny Kofoed said. "So we try to be very open about that."

Danny Kofoed added that recognizing their shortcomings as a couple and honoring them has made the relationship stronger.

"Circumstances, things, behaviors of other people -- these are not what make people happy," he said. "Having a perfect spouse is not what makes you happy. But loving somebody who is imperfect, that makes you happy."

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