10/07/2013 11:22 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Drug War Roundup

Here are a few drug war stories from the last couple weeks that you may have missed:

-- We're still losing. A study in the journal BMJ Open finds that illicit drugs are getting cheaper, while also growing increasingly pure and potent.

-- TSA may soon allow you to take marijuana aboard a plane, so long as your flight begins and ends in states where the drug is legal.

-- Colorado, Washington governors urge federal regulators to give marijuana businesses access to the country's banking system.

-- In Iowa, law enforcement officials plan to prosecute a terminal cancer patient for running a drug operation, despite all evidence pointing to him growing the drug to treat his illness.

-- From my former colleagues at Reason, a compelling new documentary on "America's Longest War."

-- The feds have shut down Silk Road, but new encrypted sites offering the same services are already up and running. The government shuts down one illicit drug market, and others spring up to compete for the new business. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?



Legal Marijuana Across The U.S.