10/07/2013 04:46 am ET

'Long Island Medium': Theresa Meets Woman Who Lost Her Husband On Their Wedding Night (VIDEO)

The "Long Island Medium" was back as Theresa Caputo hit the road to surprise viewers with readings all across the country. Her first stop was Philadelphia, where she was able to help 28-year-old Kim move on from a heartbreaking tragedy. Kim lost her husband, Craig, when he suddenly died in his sleep. What was making it impossible for Kim to move on from was that it happened on their wedding night.

"He just wants you to be able to embrace life with happiness, and not to feel guilty about it," Theresa told her. "And he says, the only thing I want her to know is that I would not have changed a thing, and that you are and always will be the love of my life.”

According to Kim, the reading gave her the push she needed to be able to move forward and stop replaying the night Craig died in her head. Especially as she was able to say goodbye to her husband, and ask him the question that's been most on her mind: "Did you have a good time at our wedding?”

His answer? "I had the time of my life," which was also a quote from Kim's favorite movie, "Dirty Dancing."

Theresa Tweeted that her heart went out to Kim -- it's not often that she hears from someone who lost their significant other on their wedding day.

The "Long Island Medium" continues her tour every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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