10/07/2013 01:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Salt Bible' By Zach Myrow Encourages A Spirit Of Religious Questioning

Zach Myrow wants you to take the Bible with a grain of salt.


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His work "Salis Bible / Salt Bible" is part art piece, part social commentary, and encourages a spirit of reflection and questioning when it comes to Christianity's holy book.

He told The Huffington Post, "The Salis Bible is a response to fundamentalist Christians who interpret the Bible as inerrant truth, and believe it gives them the right to restrict the freedoms of others in a democracy that promises separation of church and state. It is a request for readers to keep an open mind and to draw their own moral conclusions."

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Myrow said he was inspired by readers of the Bible: those who take it literally and those who take it with a grain of salt. He commented, "I see a lot of issues in American history that have been swayed by those who take the Bible literally, such as gay rights, reproductive rights, and evolution," which is why he chose to make the Bible the subject of his piece.

The work is intended to provoke a discussion and promote critical thinking. After all, faith and doubt can co-exist, and some would say that doubt is necessary for faith.

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The origin of the phrase "taken with a grain of salt," is attributed to Pliny the Elder, who advised that "a grain of salt" be added to an antidote recipe in his 77 A.D. Naturalis Historia, implying that it could lessen injurious effects of poison.

The Salt Bible may be the perfect gift for the modern-day doubting Thomas, but Myrow told HuffPost that he isn't planning on selling the Salis Bible.

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