10/08/2013 08:53 am ET Updated Oct 09, 2013

Kimberly Webster, Streaker At Presidents Cup, Inspired By Lack Of Female Streakers (NSFW PHOTOS)

Kimberly Webster felt that females were underrepresented in the world of streaking. She set out to change that at the Presidents Cup on Sunday. Mission accomplished.

A day after briefly stealing the spotlight at the Presidents Cup, Webster spoke about her daring dash on the 18th hole at Muirfield Village with Kevin Karlson and Pete McKenzie during their morning radio show on WZLX in Boston and NBC 4 in Columbus.


“The day before, it started off as a joke. I mentioned it and thought it’d be funny,” Webster, 23, told Karlson and Mackenzie on Monday morning. “I got home, did some research on the top streakers of all time and they seemed to be all men. I thought, let’s try to change this."

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Webster, who was wearing only a red thong and red-white-and-blue pasties on her nipples, carried an American flag for part of her nearly nude journey about the golf course. Apparently, her only regret was that she lost the flag as she attempted to evade a police officer.

"This will be funny," Webster said when asked about her thought process ahead of the streak during the radio appearance. "It will be epic. It’s internationally broadcasted. So, you know, I just tried to do the best I could. I just wish I had the flag the whole time."

The authorities did eventually catch up with Webster. She was taken to the Dublin Justice Center near the Ohio golf course and cited for disorderly conduct, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

“They did end up getting me yesterday,” she revealed during her radio appearance. “They brought me in. I wasn’t in handcuffs or anything. They just said 'Come with me' and just put me in like a police jacket. And I walked away with a $100 misdemeanor.”

According to Webster, a friend in law enforcement had given her advanced notice of what she could expect if caught.

"I called my friend that's a police officer," Webster told Denise Alex of NBC4. "And I was like, 'What are my charges going to be? Am I going to be a sex offender for this? What am I going to do?' And actually, he said that he would pay for the fines and whatever my bail was if I did it."


NSFW PHOTOS: Presidents Cup Streaker