10/09/2013 08:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Snack Away A Slump


By Naomi Freundlich

We asked four nutrition experts what they eat when an afternoon energy crash takes hold. These light bites will put the bounce back in your step in no time.

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Green tea + handful of walnuts or almonds
"Green tea has less caffeine than coffee, but like coffee, it helps boost dopamine in the brain. I like the nutrient density and jolt of fatty calories that comes with the nuts." -- Drew Ramsey, M.D.

Caramel rice crackers + tea latte
"Sometimes, having a little caffeine along with carbohydrates is a marvelous mood and energy booster. That's why the British afternoon tea makes so much sense!" -- Judith Wurtman, Ph.D.

Hummus + baby carrots
"When you're tense, chewing is a real stress reliever -- kind of like giving a dog rawhide. Carrots are crunchy and satisfy that sweet craving, and hummus is salty and provides carbs -- and a hit of happiness." -- Susan Bowerman, R.D.

Water + apple + peanut butter
"Hydration is important -- if you get even a little dehydrated, you'll feel the slump. The fiber from the apple makes you feel full longer, and the protein in peanut butter prevents a blood-sugar spike, keeping you on an even keel." -- Vicki Haken, R.D.

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