10/10/2013 04:41 am ET Updated Oct 10, 2013

'Arrow' Premiere: Oliver Decides The Vigilante Needs A New Name (VIDEO)

After failing his city in the season finale of "Arrow," Oliver Queen fled to the island where he'd already lost five years. This time, however, Diggle and Felicity tracked him down and came to retrieve him. The Season 2 premiere saw Oliver returning to Starling City to help his failing family company.

He was struggling with what to do about his hooded alter ego -- Tommy calling him a murderer still resonated. He hated that Tommy went to his death thinking his best friend was nothing more than a common killer. And so, with a little help from his friends, Oliver decided to try a new approach. No more killing.

A new approach might also mean some rebranding is in order. "The city still needs saving, but not by The Hood. Not by some vigilante who’s just crossing names off a list," Oliver told his allies. "I don’t want to be called The Hood anymore.”

“So, what do you want to be called?” Diggle asked him. The episode ended with Oliver looking at a green arrow. So, there's no answer just yet, but Oliver Queen has long been known as Green Arrow in the DC Universe. Will he go with that, or the simpler "Arrow," like the series did?

Hollywood Life's Andy Swift loved that "epic" final moment. "Oliver officially proclaimed himself ‘Arrow,'" he wrote. "(OK, technically he just looked at an arrow, but you know what he was implying.)”

Zap2It's Laurel Brown was excited about this less murder-y vigilante. "No killing. If he can help it at all, Oliver isn't going to be piercing the hearts of his targets this year," she noted. "Should make things interesting. It's also way more heroic of Oliver. The Hood is gone. The Arrow has begun his journey.

The all-new, all-different "Arrow" continues every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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