10/10/2013 05:22 pm ET

Overcoming Fear: 'I'm 26 And I'm Scared Of Driving' (VIDEO)

Understanding fear is one thing -- overcoming fear is another. Our fears affect our relationships, our lifestyles, and in the case of dancer Karen Cheng, even her opportunities for success. Cheng suffered from a paralyzing fear of driving, and she shared her story on HuffPost Live.

"I literally had considered not moving to LA because I couldn't drive, and if you've been to LA, you know that you can't really get by there without a car," she explained to host Nancy Redd. "And at that point I was like 'wow, I'm literally considering not moving to a city full of opportunities for me -- you know, as a dancer, LA is the place to be -- I'm literally considering not making this huge change in my life because of this fear.'"

"And that was when I was like, 'Karen, you have to get over it. It's time to become a fully functioning adult woman.'"

Cheng added that she approached her fear as a decision. "It really is a choice that you make, and every decision that I make in my life, every hard decision, when I have the choice between the scary, exciting thing and the comfortable thing, I always try to push myself to try the scary, exciting thing, with the exception of driving -- until now."

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