10/11/2013 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chubby Fast-Food Logos May Make You Think Twice About That Burger

Ever wondered what would happen if Kentucky Fried Chicken's mascot, Colonel Sanders, actually ate the food his (cartoon) face publicized? One Yemeni designer decided to find out, and the results are hilarious -- in a sad kind of way.


In an effort to motivate himself to keep off some recently shed pounds, artist Adel Banfeel re-imagined logos from several popular chains and fast-food restaurants and posted them on Behance, an online platform for showcasing creative work.


By adding a few pounds to the Colonel, Little Caesar and the McDonald's Golden Arches, among others, Banfeel hoped to remind himself of the potential consequences of unhealthy eating habits.

burger king


In an email to The Huffington Post, Banfeel said he once weighed close to 200 pounds, but had managed to slim down to 160 by devoting himself to a disciplined regimen of weight training, jogging and healthy eating.

After successfully losing weight, Banfeel said he was looking for a way to remind himself of the realities of a junk-food diet.

He told HuffPost he "thought of spontaneously [tampering] with the logos of restaurants" in order to make them look more "realistic" and discourage him from returning to his old ways.



(Hat tip, Fast Company)