10/14/2013 04:35 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Tale Of Two Dads,' Co-Directed By Lance Bass For AT&T Campaign, Released On Behalf Of The Trevor Project

Lance Bass has teamed up with AT&T to co-direct and produce a short film that celebrates LGBT History Month while simultaneously raising money for leading LGBT crisis intervention and suicide prevention organization The Trevor Project.

Occurring in conjunction with AT&T's "Love Is Changing History" project, "Tale Of Two Dads" is part of an initiative that seeks to create a better future for LGBT youth. Each time the film is shared or viewed, AT&T will donate $1, up to $100,000, to The Trevor Project.

The *NSYNC star, who recently announced his engagement to Michael “Turkey” Turchin, served as co-director for the film. Be sure to watch it all the way though -- there's a surprise twist at the end!

The fundraising campaign will run through Nov. 11, 2013. For more information or to view other films taking part in the project, visit the "Love Is Changing History" website.



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