10/16/2013 01:28 pm ET

America Ferrera Set To Star As Nun In 'Damascus' On CBS


America Ferrera is trading her braces for a Bible as she leaves "Ugly Betty" behind for a courtroom drama. According to Deadline, Ferrera is set to play a justice-seeking nun in the new CBS series "Damascus."

The project has received a put pilot commitment.

Ferrara will play a "crusading nun who practices law on behalf of the least fortunate, and has her beliefs tested when her life collides with an elitist corporate lawyer." As if that wasn't enough the nun-lawyer crime fighting duo will "come up against a secretive and powerful organization that is determined to destroy them."

The plot for "Damascus" may seem somewhat unconventional, but it sparked a bidding war between the networks with CBS eventually committing to produce the pilot.

Ferrera will not only star, but also executive produce the series along with her "Ugly Betty" executive producer Teri Weinberg.

A courtroom setting should be familiar for Ferrera who is reprising her role on "The Good Wife" this season. "The Good Wife" is one of her few credits since "Ugly Betty" ended in 2010.

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