10/16/2013 05:06 am ET

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Dean Winters Swoops In As 'The Vulture' To Take All The Glory (VIDEO)

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" is a cop show, so why not sneak in a "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" crossover? Well, they didn't do that, but it was close. Dean Winters, who plays Brian Cassidy on "SVU," guest-starred as major crime Detective Pembroke. He's known as "The Vulture" because he swoops in to solve cases after they're 98% solved. Then, he takes 100% of the glory.

A few quick shots showed him kicking in a door at the last minute right in front of Detective Peralta, and in perhaps his boldest move, taking over after a perp had already been handcuffed against a wall. He even swooped in and took a coffee away from Boyle at the local coffee shop.

The AV Club's Molly Eichel called Detective Pembroke a worthy adversary to Andy Samberg's Detective Peralta. As she pointed out, Winters is known for playing "notable a**holes." In the end, despite the fact that Peralta and his fellow detectives cracked the case Pembroke was trying to steal, they had to give him the credit once again. In other words, they've still got a score to settle, which sounds like a perfect excuse to bring Winters back.

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