10/16/2013 10:40 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2013

Pat Robertson Tells Republicans To End Shutdown And Give Up On Obamacare Fight (VIDEO)

Pat Robertson shocked America by speaking as a voice of reason to the Republican Party. The Televangelist warned they are being too extreme with their fight against Obamacare, which has led to the government shutdown, and possibly a forthcoming debt default.

Yes, Pat Robertson said that.

Robertson said in a Right Wing Watch video, "The Republicans have got to wave the white flag and say, 'We fought a good fight, now it's over.'"

"They cannot shut the government down and then bring about a default. We can't do it. It would be devastating economically to every human being and the Republicans just can't get tarred with that," he continued.

The conservative televangelist urged his party to stand down, commenting, "So, they tried, and if they go to the electorate and say, 'We tried. Obamacare was awful. We tried to get it underway, but we weren't successful. The Democrats wanted it, they fought for it, and they wouldn't let go, so it's their bill, their program.'"



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