10/17/2013 04:13 pm ET Updated Sep 26, 2016

29 Throwback Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Nostalgic

Topical Halloween costumes aren't for everyone. If you're still not sure what to be this year, get inspired with some awesome homemade costumes based on TV and movie characters from decades past.

  • 1 Steve Urkel
    He DID do that.
  • 2 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    Also a great excuse to wear a tutu in public.
  • 3 Buzz Lightyear (As Mrs. Nesbit)
    Major props for the specificity of this one.
  • 4 Cher & Dionne From "Clueless"
    As if!
  • 5 Daria & Jane
    They really nailed the misanthropic facial expressions.
  • 6 Derek Zoolander
    Blue Steel IRL.
  • 7 ...And Mugatu
    "They're breakdance fighting!"
  • 8 David Bowie In "Labrynth"
    Jareth the Goblin King has never been so adorable.
  • 9 Bill Lumbergh From "Office Space"
  • 10 Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace From "Pulp Fiction"
    Pre-Mia's heroin overdose, obvi.
  • 11 Stick Stickley
    Don't act like you don't remember his address.
  • 12 Jay And Silent Bob
    Let's hope they don't have to stand in front of that liquor store all night.
  • 13 Crumb From "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters"
    His neck is going to be killing him by the end of the night, but it'll be worth it.
  • 14 Drew Carey And Mimi
    Nailed it.
  • 15 Little Pete From "The Adventures Of Pete And Pete"
    Giner? Check. Hat? Check. Petunia? Check.
  • 16 The Fresh Prince And Carlton
    How could you ever top this?
  • 17 Nickelodeon "GUTS" Contestant
    You know you wanted a piece of that Crag.
  • 18 "Legends Of The Hidden Temple" Contestants
    Purple Parrots vs. Orange Iguanas FTW!
  • 19 Dr. Evil & Mini Me
    You don't have to go with the most obvious "Austin Powers" costume.
  • 20 Quailman From "Doug"
    You have to be comfortable with wearing your underwear on the outside to be Doug's alter-ego.
  • 21 Helga From "Hey Arnold!"
    Bonus points for the exquisite unibrow.
  • 22 "Back To The Future" Ensemble
    The clock tower is an awesome touch.
  • 23 "Lamb Chop's Play-Along"
    Finding a Lamp Chop puppet is easy, but she really pulls off being Shari Lewis.
  • 24 Alice And "The Brady Bunch"
    Now that's clever.
  • 25 Wayne And Garth
    Party on.
  • 26 Mario Kart
    The classic video game makes an awesome group costume.
  • 27 "Hocus Pocus" Witches
    These ladies nailed it.
  • 28 Wilson From "Home Improvement"
  • 29 "Ghostbusters"
    Bustin' clearly makes him feel good.