Jessica Seinfeld Talks Whitney Cummings Throwing Her Glassware At A Dinner Party (VIDEO)

With Jessica Seinfeld on "Watch What Happens: Live," a viewer just had to know about an alleged incident that went down between Seinfeld and Whitney Cummings. Andy Cohen read the question: "Is is true that when Howard Stern brought Whitney Cummings to your dinner party, she rubbed her privates on the couch and flung glassware at your head?"

"It's true," Seinfeld said. "She tried to put her knickers on my head. It was extraordinary." Oddly enough, during her answer, Cohen said, "Okay, very good," not once, but twice. He then said of Cummings' behavior, "That was a drunky."

Seinfeld certainly seemed as if she was offended by Cummings' behavior on "WWHL," but Cummings made it look like it was all good fun, and Seinfeld was in on it, during her visit to Howard Stern's radio show. “It was totally facetious. And she was wearing shorts and I was, ‘You animal. You are wearing shorts. You’re acting like you have a billion dollars,'" Cummings told Stern. "So I just picked up the glass. I was like, ‘How much is this worth? How much is this worth?’ So I kept throwing her glassware and breaking [it]."

As the Daily Mail pointed out, no amount of entertaining knowledge on the part of Jerry Seinfeld's wife could have prepared her for Cummings' rude and unruly behavior. But Seinfeld quickly moved on from this topic, to get to her reason for visiting Cohen. She was on hand to promote her new cookbook, "The Can't Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified." The book hits shelves on October 20.

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