10/18/2013 04:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

We Screengrabbed 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Trailer So You Don't Have To

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We've watched the trailer for Wes Anderson's new movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel" an unhealthy number of times already, and now we've screengrabbed each of the characters' shining moments so you don't have to.

The movie features a cast of thousands, most of whom are part of Wes Anderson's regular troupe, but there are some telling details in their moments onscreen in the quick-cut trailer.

Like did you notice all the many male mustaches? Everyone's got one (except Harvey Keitel who will never, ever require facial hair to look tough), and newcomer Tony Revolori is even drawing one on to fit in.

Another observation: Tilda Swinton at 90 (thanks to old age makeup) looks just as awesome as Tilda Swinton now.

And did you see Saoirse Ronan's incredibly unique facial birthmark? It's in the shape of Mexico, and you know there will be a story there.

Click through our gallery to see what else you might've missed in the trailer:

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Cast

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