10/21/2013 01:00 pm ET

Contemporary Dollhouse Looks More Like A Rubik's Cube (PHOTOS)

Many of the dollhouses we see these days pay homage to classic, vintage styles. But designers Shedkm and James Ireland have decided to create a contemporary living space that really looks more like another famous children's toy.

According to Design Boom, this amazing structure can be played like a Rubik’s Cube. Each of the levels rotate around a spiral staircase. The spaces can also be pulled out and expanded when you open each "box." Each room is very scenic in nature with laminated wood stacks as beds and crystals as lights.

A press release from the company describes the doll house as a place of "escape for a visually impaired child." Head over to the company's website and Design Boom for more information. And don't forget to click through the photos below to get a peek at this amazing creation.

shedkm Contemporary Doll House

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