10/21/2013 03:44 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Winter Essentials Guys Should Just Go Ahead And Buy Now

We hear you, guys -- men get cold during winter, too. In the same vein as our cold-weather survival kit for the ladies, we've compiled a list of men's winter essentials to stock up on before the mercury drops.

Since you're going to end up splurging on these vital accessories at some point during these cold winter months, you might as well be prepared.


Clockwise, from lower left:

Weatherproof boots. Pick an impermeable pair for trekking through snow and sleet -- your frigid feet will thank you.

A thermos. You're not the only one who's temperature needs regulating. Keep that coffee from icing with a portable container that carries the added bonus of warming your hands up as you grip it.

A hat. Pick a fun color or pattern to stand out in a sea of basic black caps.

Chapstick. Guys, you should really carry this in your pocket year-round... but skipping the 'Stick during the winter is simply unforgivable. It's not lipstick. You needn't feel self-conscious.

Long underwear. While ladies are known to layer all season long, it's more common for guys to forget that bundling up starts from below. We recommend long underwear and undershirts from Uniqlo's Heattech line for a non-bulky, heat-retaining base.

Aquaphor. Avoid redness and flaky skin with this all-purpose ointment. Be sure to pay attention to chapped skin on your nose, face and fingers.

A suede boot care kit. Admit it: Most of your cool shoes (like those wear-with-everything desert boots) aren't slush-resistant. Take them out of commission for a day and give them a weather-resistant coating to preserve the life of the shoe -- and the warmth of your toes.

Dryer sheets. Keep your appearance polished in spite of the winter wind. When you take your hat off, your hair gets staticky... until you rub it down with one of these lightweight sheets.

Take a tip or two from these guys:

Lessons From Male Style Icons

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