10/22/2013 02:55 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Lionsgate Faces Two Lawsuit Over 'Filly Brown'

There was a lot of hope for Filly Brown when it premiered at Sundance in 2012. The film about an up-and-coming Latino hip-hop artist starred Jenni Rivera, the Mexican American music superstar who tragically died in a plane crash late last year. When it was picked up by Pantelion, a film distributor backed by Lionsgate, many in the Latino community buzzed that if the film performed well, it would lead to studios focusing more on the Latino market.

Now, six months after a modestly successful limited release, the producers and distributors of Filly Brown have been hit with a pair of lawsuits alleging that the film ignored basic contract work. In one of the lawsuits, for example, it's claimed that the movie never had any acting agreement with a principal castmember.

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