10/24/2013 10:13 am ET

Pets 'Killed' In Designer Shoe Warehouse Ad, With Help From Onion Labs (VIDEO)

Pets meeting their untimely demise are played for laughs in Designer Shoe Warehouse's new ad. Perhaps not surprisingly, DSW partnered with Onion Labs -- the agency arm of The Onion satire newspaper -- on this one.

The deviously funny spot (watch above) shows a young man killing animal after animal by accident, then buying shoes at DSW so he can bury his deceased pals in the shoeboxes. "A guy needs shoes," a narrator says. "We don't ask questions."

Please note, critter lovers, that no living being was harmed, but a few shoeboxes took a dirt nap.

An Onion rep told The Huffington Post that another spot in DSW's "Bad Pet Owners" campaign is going live soon.

Keep those cages and tanks locked, kids.