10/24/2013 09:58 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2013

Dad Creates Disneyland Park Halloween Costume, One-Ups Disney Itself

You're never too old for Halloween, and if anything, this dad proves it's never too late for a rockin' costume, either.

Rob Cockerham, who has created many wacky Halloween ensembles, wrote on his blog that this year he wanted to be "something something everyone loves." Naturally, the whole of the Disneyland Theme Park ended up as the final contender.

Completely DIY, Cockerham conceived, designed, and built his Disneypark Costume with replicas of rides and a princess castle headpiece. And unlike some rides at the actual Disney, this park had accommodating height requirements. He explained on his blog, "I'd wear it at a steep angle, so that kids would have a better view of everything."

At least one kid is impressed. His son, who shot the clip above, says, "I love it."

(hat tip: Viral Viral Videos)

He's not the only parent to get in on Halloween fun...

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