10/24/2013 05:57 pm ET

Mason Davis, Survivor Of Sparks Middle School Shooting, Gives Heart-Wrenching Interview On Guns (VIDEO)

A boy who was shot in the stomach by a classmate at Sparks Middle School in Nevada says that the experience changed his perspective on guns.

Mason Davis, 12, was just outside the school before classes Monday morning when he heard gunshots, he told CNN Thursday. Mason said at first he thought the gunshots were far away, but quickly realized a shooter was in the school. An unidentified seventh grader shot another student in the shoulder before fatally shooting 45-year-old teacher Michael Landsberry, who was trying to stop the rampage.

Mason said he tried to help Landsberry, but wound up getting shot in the stomach himself.

The 12-year-old gunman fatally shot himself in the head.

"I'm lucky to be alive," Mason said. He also noted that he thinks about guns differently now.

"I used treat guns -- not poorly -- but a little poorly, because I thought they were a toy," he said with tears in his eyes. "But when I got shot, I learned that they're not just a toy. They're a weapon, and they can damage somebody very bad."

Mason's mother, Jenifer Davis, said she owns a gun, but keeps it securely locked up in a safe.

Landsberry, a military veteran whose efforts to intervene gave many students time to flee, is being lauded as a hero for his efforts.

The student who was shot in the shoulder is in stable condition.

Officials believe the shooter acted alone, but have not discussed a motive. Police say he obtained the gun from his home.



Michael Landsberry