10/25/2013 05:58 pm ET

Phoenix Woman Andi Davis Carries Injured Pit Bull Down Mountain, Gives Him A New Home (VIDEO)

A Phoenix, Ariz., woman who initially had misgivings about pit bulls did an incredible thing when she came across an injured one during a routine hike last Friday.

Andi Davis was trekking the mountainside near 20th Street and Dunlap when she spied a 2-year-old pit bull -- now named Elijah -- prone and unmoving on a steep trail, AZ Central reports.

Davis was uncertain about approaching the dog at first, according to a statement from the Arizona Humane Society, but after offering the injured animal a sip of water, she knew she had to help him.

The Phoenix mother bundled the over 40-pound pit bull into her arms and carried him for an hour to the base of the mountain a half-mile away. There, she met up with her husband and 10-year-old daughter Jessi, who was quickly taken with the pooch.

"Mom had him in her arms, and then he looked at me, and I was like, 'Is this dog going to bite?'" Jessi told AZ Central. "And I looked in his eyes -- I could tell, I could just tell that he was a nice dog."

Upon taking Elijah to the Arizona Humane Society for treatment, they learned that he had been shot and was likely left for dead on the trail. Despite already having three dogs at home, the family decided to take Elijah home after his wounds were seen to.

"He has completely changed my mind about what a pit bull is and isn't," Andi Davis told AZ Central.

Jessi later wrote a letter to the Human Society to thank them for taking care of her new best friend.

"I told my parents how this feeling for him was so different. Not just any feeling you felt when you see any stray. They felt the same way," she wrote. "After all you have done for us, I want to help animals, too. Thank you so much for making our lives better."



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