10/25/2013 01:03 pm ET

Chris Hayes On Fox News: 'They Go Nuclear On Everything'

MSNBC's Chris Hayes tackled the string of recent allegations about the scorched-earth PR department at Fox News on his Thursday show.

The most recent claim came from author David Folkenflik, who wrote about a time when the network apparently planted a false story with reporter in order to distract from the fact that CNN was beating them in the ratings.

Hayes got to the bottom of this on Thursday, asking author Folkenflik and the infamous "Fox News Mole" Joe Muto what would lead a network to take such action over a ratings story that, in Hayes mind, wasn't even that significant.

"They go nuclear on everything," Hayes said, later adding, "It didn't matter! They [CNN] had one month that was good, it didn't matter!"

Hayes questioned if Fox News' behavior has to do with the inherent culture at the network.

"Does this sort of paranoia and ruthlessness — is that part of the institutional culture over there?” he asked.

“Absolutely," Muto responded.

Watch the video for the full interview.



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