10/28/2013 11:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

12 Times Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Might Have Made That Baby


Ever since they fell for each other, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have made it a top priority to explain just how hard they've fallen for each other. When not engaged in shameless PDA, they took to the highest mountains various women's magazines to proclaim their love and talk about how much sexy sex they have. How much sexy sex did they have? Well, at least enough to get Olivia pregnant.

Indeed, the world will soon be graced with a tiny Olivia or mini Jason, who will likely grow up to be very funny and aesthetically pleasing. Now, to help you understand the magic of love, sexy sex and family planning, we have rounded-up 12 times Olivia and Jason might have made that baby.

Perhaps the first time Jason was able to revive Olivia's lady parts ...

"I felt like my vagina died. Turned off. Lights out ... And you can lie to your relatives at Christmas dinner and tell them everything on the home front is just peachy. But you cannot lie to your vagina." -- Wilde at Glamour's These Girls event


After her divorce, Olivia said she considered “a soft kind of lesbian relationship, just gentle kissing and scissoring," until she met Jason and fell “blissfully, hopefully, wildly in love.” -- Wilde at Glamour's These Girls event

... Or when he was able to coax her into this metaphorical jacuzzi.

"'It's really hard to jump into a relationship after you feel you've been through a difficult time. I liken it to a burn victim jumping back into a Jacuzzi … It took a lot of coaxing." -- Wilde in Fashion

Maybe at this concert back in May ...

olivia wilde jason sudeikis kiss

... Or when Jason was was able to use love-making for weight loss.

"The truth is, I’m not getting up an hour earlier and walking on a treadmill. I have the greatest workout partner in the world. And you don’t need a gym membership for that kind of workout." -- Sudeikis in Elle

It could have been that moment Olivia first caught a glimpse of Jason's dance skills ...

"I met Jason, and I thought he was so charming. He's a great dancer and I'm a sucker for great dancers." -- Wilde in Allure


... Or realized that three is "like a little party."

"I’m open-minded about how many, but three, which I love, is like a little party. [Jason] is so good with kids ... I’ve never before experienced looking at someone and thinking, 'That’s who I want to raise a child with.'” -- Wilde in Marie Claire

It might have happened when the two were sharing philosophical advice about love and loss ...

Being happy, and in love, for me, was the secret. I feel like I returned home to myself as an individual through the process of falling in love with the sweetest woman I’ve ever known.” -- Sudeikis in Manhattan

"I’m so grateful for the pain and the heartbreak. It gave me the courage to leave and brought me to the great love of my life." -- Wilde in Marie Claire


... Or immediately following Olivia's scientific decision to take advantage of her sexual prime ...

"DO enjoy your sexual prime: Hey oh! According to horny Professor Alfred Kinsey's 1953 page-turner, 'Sexual Behavior in the Human Female,' women really start heating up in their 30s, so let's just say it's finally your turn to act like an 18-year-old boy -- except you'll be 1,000 times better at ... everything." -- Wilde in Glamour

... Or possibly while either of these photos were taken in Hawaii ...

jason sudeikis olivia wilde kiss

jason sudeikis olivia wilde kiss

In conclusion, we can narrow it down to literally any night that they were together.

"[We] have sex like Kenyan marathon runners." -- Wilde at Glamour's These Girls event




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