Nicole Kidman Does Her Best Brigitte Bardot Impression For Jimmy Choo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Nicole Kidman's Jimmy Choo resort campaign is here -- and she's strutting the strappy shoes as Brigitte Bardot.

A beehived Kidman frolics in the Hamptons surf in the promotional video below, holding her heels out of the water and above the waves. "To draw from someone like Bardot is fabulous," Nicole tells us. "She was a very strong cinematic presence, but she was also a world presence in terms of setting a style."

Bardot is certainly a bombshell of Jimmy Choo's caliber, but we're not sure we buy Kidman's portrayal in the ads. Compare the ladies below:



Shop Jimmy Choo's resort collection here. Should Nicole just stick to playing Grace Kelly, or continue to (literally) stretch her legs?

Here's how Nicole normally looks:

Nicole Kidman's Style Evolution

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