10/30/2013 09:12 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2013

Chinese Man Reportedly Gets Fruit Knife Embedded In Skull

Photos of a Chinese man who, according to local sources, calmly walked into a hospital in the northeastern Jilin province with a knife sticking out of his head are making the rounds this week on Chinese social media networks and news sites, for obvious reasons.

The unidentified man reportedly told witnesses that the knife had become embedded in his skull accidentally, and he did not appear to be impaired or particularly upset about his shocking protuberance, according to The Huffington Post's translation of a story on Chinese news site Dazhong Newspaper.

The Global Times, meanwhile, reported that the man was later transferred to a hospital affiliated with the Yanbian University. The knife was removed and the man was sent home.

In 2011, doctors in southern China successfully removed a rusty 4-inch knife from the jaw of a man who said it must have been lodged there for close to four years, unnoticed. Doctors said "sheer luck" had prevented the knife from doing more serious damage, according to The Associated Press.



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