10/30/2013 08:52 am ET Updated Oct 30, 2013

10 Things Only A College Cook Would Understand (GIFs)

During college, most students are more concerned with learning how to finish a beer bong than learning how to cook. We can blame this on a few different things -- busy schedules, lack of funds, and the eternal struggle that is trying to cook in student housing.

It takes a special type of dedication to cook for yourself (and others) in college, and it definitely doesn't go untested. There's a seemingly endless list of frustrations that can come with trying to make your own meals in college housing, all of which would make even Julia Child question her love for the kitchen. We've put together some of the most relatable struggles of college cooks -- if you've cried while trying to whip up some chicken cordon bleu or layer cake in your dorm room, you're not alone.

  • 1 The frustration that is going to use a pan or dish and finding it dirty, in the sink.
    Tumblr: theblackpanda
    Almost annoying enough to leave a passive aggressive note telling your roommates to clean up after themselves. Almost. via
  • 2 The quest to find the culprit of The Great Chili Microwave Explosion of 2013.
    Hint: it wasn't you.
  • 3 Knowing that the struggle is real and that it happens when you have to leave campus to buy an ingredient.
    Tumblr: It Is What It Is
    Is stocking Tahini really too much to ask for? via
  • 4 Not ever being able to cook with beer, wine, vodka, or whiskey for fear of your roommates getting to it first.
    Tumblr: Thisisus
    Or, being forced to hide these ingredients under your bed. via
  • 5 When you decide to cook instead of going to dining halls for dinner, and get this look.
    Tumblr: Humor In Recover
    "What do you mean? But...why?" via
  • 6 Not being able to make a meal that requires more than two pans.
    Tumblr: TabTaste
    Either because you don't own more than two pans, or because there's not enough room in the kitchen. via
  • 7 The constant debate over whether the dining room table should be used for mealtime or study time.
    Tumblr: //28069//
    You may be a bit biased towards the former, but so is the literal name of the table. via
  • 8 Having to explain to your roommates how to load a dishwasher.
    Flickr: .gabriel
    And that 'rinsing' is not in any way the same as 'washing.'
  • 9 When you make a large batch of food, and the entire frat next door invites themselves over for dinner.
    Tumblr: tookmyworldwithyou
    You silently cry inside while watching hungry men devour your week of leftovers. via
  • 10 Adapting recipes based on a policy of 'what ingredients can I afford?'
    Tumblr: Pink Cloud In The Sky
    Because although you'd rather spend your money on truffles over student loans, life doesn't work that way. via

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