10/30/2013 12:11 pm ET

Why I'm Done Talking About Whether or Not It's OK to Shave My Vagina

I shaved my vagina this morning. As I did it, pretty much the way I always do, stretching one labia and then the other, trying to get to those delicate spots, I found myself answering to a Greek feminist chorus in my head.

A lot of us worry about whether or not we should be shaving our vaginas. About what it MEANS to shave our vaginas. Probably once a week someone pitches me an article about vagina-shaving, as in: “Is it feminist to shave my vagina?” (See also: to wear makeup, to wear high heels, to get plastic surgery, etc. etc.) I wrote one of those ubiquitous vagina-shaving articles myself, back in 2011.

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