10/31/2013 07:28 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2013

10 Reasons Why The 1980s Were The Ugliest Decade For Everything (PHOTOS)

It started out with a simple challenge: Find actual examples of good decor trends from the '80s. Three days of scouring the internet produced little more than a miniature obelisk (why were they so popular in the 1980s?) and a glass table. That was it. The only upside of this relatively fruitless search? These fantastic photos, found by the fabulous blog Vintage Goodness, that show the true side of the 1980s.

It was an ugly time...at least for decor. Looking at these photos, we strongly believe that it's impossible for any of these trends to make a full-on comeback. But then again, I had said the same about leggings and New Wave hairdos. What do you think?

The Worst '80s Decor Trends