10/31/2013 02:15 pm ET

Adam Levine Is The Calvin Klein Of Kmart, Apparently


Adam Levine is killing it at Kmart.

No, really. The singer debuted his apparel and accessories collection for Kmart earlier this month, and it's apparently flying off the shelves. Speaking to Women's Wear Daily, Bernt Ullmann, president and chief executive officer of Star Branding and president of Kmart parent Sears Holdings Corp.’s Shop Your Way Brands, said that Levine's popular offerings have managed to usher in a brand new type of customer for the mass retailer:

"The white space is for that younger, upwardly mobile [male] Kmart customer that wants a cleaned-up lifestyle product that still has a contemporary feel to it. That's not really covered on the floor today. To that extent, I think Adam has the ability to be Kmart's Calvin Klein business."

Likening Levine to Calvin Klein, a mass retail giant in the fashion biz, is a pretty bold statement. After all, "The Voice" star had previously mocked the concept of a celebrity lending his or her name to a fragrance, tweeting, "I also would like to put an official ban on celebrity fragrances. Punishable by death from this point forward."

We suppose that he's changed his tune after going ahead and launching his own fragrance this year. And now, with this successful Kmart gig, it appears he's actually pretty great at the whole star-backed brand schtick. Go figure.

Think they're jealous?

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