11/01/2013 11:36 am ET Updated Nov 01, 2013

Deer In Gold Coast Surprise Trick-Or-Treaters Near Zebra Lounge [UPDATES]

It's not every day a pair of deer turn up in the city, much less hang out for several hours in one of the city's busiest shopping districts.

Thursday afternoon, a duo of deer were spotted around 1:30 p.m. near State and Division, soon attracting a crowd of revelers taking in the unusual scene in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood.

According to NBC Chicago, one of the two deer appeared to have an injured leg and antler and was limping slightly between munching on grass in a courtyard. The deer were reportedly calm.

The deer were taken away by animal control officers after being tranquilized, ABC Chicago reports.

UPDATE -- 3 p.m.: The Sun-Times reports one of the deer has died, while the other was taken to a Barrington, Ill. rehab center before being released to a "more ideal" location.

Gina Locascio, who works at Zebra Lounge near where the deer settled in, told the Sun-Times earlier she initially thought the deer were a joke her boss was playing on her.

"I’ve lived here for 10 years and I’ve never seen a deer here before," she told the newspaper.

As of Friday morning, no one knows how the deer got there.



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