11/01/2013 09:17 am ET

Lady Gaga's 'Dope' Art Showcases Singer's Massive Grill, Alarming Bruises


Lady Gaga opted for a more covered up look for her latest single art.

The singer tweeted the comparatively modest cover art on Thursday, announcing that "Dope" is the final song set for release in advance of "ARTPOP." The singer has already premiered "Venus," the R. Kelly collaboration "Do What U Want" and, of course, lead single "Applause."

The "Dope" imagery finds Gaga sporting a massive grill while wearing a floppy hat, black underwear and an oversized, boxy jacket. She also appears to have a bruise near her crotch area, so crank out your best psychoanalysis for this one.

Most of the cover art Gaga has revealed for "ARTPOP" material has found her in various states of undress. The "Applause" imagery had her sitting on a technologically minded chair in nothing but black socks. Earlier this month, she used moss to make herself presentable in promotional art for "Do What U Want." She followed that up a few days later with the single cover, which had her backside mugging the camera in a derriere-exposing thong. All of this is in recognition of "ARTPOP," an album whose cover uses a Jeff Koons sculpture that -- what else? -- has Gaga appearing nude.

All of the skin-flaunting promotional material will come to a head on Nov. 11, when "ARTPOP" -- the "album of the millennium" -- debuts. "Dope" will hit the Internet on Monday.



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