11/01/2013 01:59 pm ET

This Couple Has The Swaggiest Baby Announcement On The Block

Move over, Bey and Jay. There's a new hip-hip couple in town, and they have an announcement to make -- a baby announcement.

Performed by new parents, Jalene and Lincoln Taylor of North Salt Lake City, Utah, "Taylor Baby" has taken the Internet by storm. According to TODAY Moms, the couple got the idea from the satirical "Swagger Wagon" music video made by Toyota to promote the Toyota Sienna.

The goal of the video wasn't an amazing performance, Jalene told TODAY. They just wanted to make friends and family laugh. With sweet rhymes like "Whether it's a sweet baby girl or cute baby boy, gotta bun in the oven and we're overjoyed" over a sick beat, we have to say: mission accomplished.

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