11/01/2013 04:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Men Who Do Yoga Have Better Sex Because Of 'Inherently Sexual' Positions (VIDEO)

Improved lung capacity, stronger bones and lower risk of heart disease are among the copious benefits of yoga, which can improve the mind and body in innumerable ways. But there's one advantage that's more fun than the rest: Men who do yoga have better sex.

During a HuffPost Live discussion with men who love yoga, host Caitlyn Becker got the scoop on how the practice benefits them in the bedroom.

"You're in positions that are inherently sexual, even though it's a spiritual thing and it's not intended to be [sexual]," said Stephen Chukumba, a yoga practitioner. "[Like with] downward-facing dog, you're opening up your hips in a lot of these positions."

Life coach Joseph Robinson pointed out that during great sex, "you want to be in your body, you want to be really present," and that sensation comes with yoga, too.

"After the first week I had done yoga, I was with my second girlfriend and we had our fun, and boy, was it a different experience than the first five years of my sex life," Robinson said.

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