11/04/2013 05:29 am ET

'Revenge': Emily Reveals Exactly What She Has Planned For Her Wedding Day To Daniel (VIDEO)

This week, Nolan emphasized the importance of true friendship on "Revenge." He and Jack became truer friends by getting honest about all that they knew about Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke. Then, after he confronted her about her control issues, Emily opened up to both guys about her true plans.

We already knew she had plans to take down the Graysons on the day of her wedding to Daniel, but she finally clarified just what those plans are. Part of them included Emily Thorne disappearing for good after that fateful day. "You'll never see me again," she told Nolan and Jack.

"I want to tell you everything," she said to them. "Including my plan for August 8, the day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.”

“It’s okay if you have to pick your jaw up off the floor because I’m still looking for mine," wrote Hollywood Life's Avery Thompson of this dramatic twist. "Just when I think this show can’t get any better, 'Revenge' proves me wrong.” Over at TV Fanatic, the moment got Miranda Wicker excited about the rest of the season. "Given that Aiden is the only one who knew that final step up until this point, it stands to reason that he'd be the one to shoot her," she observed. "Which means that he absolutely won't be the one to pull the trigger. And that makes this interesting.”

We'll have to wait to see how her plan unfolds on "Revenge," Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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