11/05/2013 11:37 am ET

The Evil Baby Glare-Off: 16 Babies You Do NOT Want To Mess With

It's that time of year again... Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is on the way, and the year's most evil baby has just been crowned.

Yes, the third annual Evil Baby Glare-Off, hosted by mom blogger Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts, has come to a close.

The contest pits a crew of angry-looking babies and kids against each other to grouch it out for the top honor. (Don't worry, all are parent-nominated.) Wiles who runs some of the funniest kid photo contests around, received over 1,000 submissions via Instagram and Facebook. She then matched baby vs. baby in a 32-kid, best-of-the-bitterest bracket that all but pulsed with grumpy-baby venom.

Each pairing was put to a vote by readers of the blog, but in the end, one baby had to rule the day. On Monday, Sydney beat out Benjamin for the crown. (Scroll down to see her winning glare.)

"I was really pleased with the two finalists," Wiles said. "Their glares are very different kinds of evil. Benjamin is in-your-face angry while Sydney is subtly plotting your demise. It was the finale people really wanted to see and both had very passionate followings."

After Sydney emerged victorious, her mom offered some of the story behind her picture, which surprised everyone, including Wiles.

Sydney was born with a very serious heart defect and had a heart transplant last year. She's doing incredibly well, mostly because she's a fighter and can get through anything the world throws at her. That evil glare photo was taken during one of her many in-patient stays-- she used it often to scare off doctors and nurses! This contest has been so much fun. The comments have kept us crying with laughter since it started. Any time I can show off my feisty lil super hero is a great day for me!

Evil has never looked this good...

Evil Baby Glare-Off 2013

It's been a few months since Sydney's brush with the dark side. See just how evil this baby is today. (Hint: She's holding a giant heart pillow.)

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