Why Is My Boyfriend So Jealous? From Dr. Gail Saltz (VIDEO)

According to psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz, there are two major considerations to take into account when assessing jealousy. First, some men do, indeed, have a jealous or even paranoid temperament, which could be cause for alarm if things escalate. If the situation escalates and anger is involved, things could get worse, and things could get scary or potentially dangerous in the relationship. It's important to consider your own safety in the relationship.

The second piece of this equation, however, is to consider whether or not you could be playing a part in his jealousy. Is it possible that you are doing something to make your guy jealous? Dr. Gail Saltz points out that some women feel more loved or wanted when jealousy is at play. Are you flirting with other men? Are you trying to "up the ante" and push him to become jealous? Check yourself first before you call your boyfriend jealous, because you could be doing something detrimental to your relationship unknowingly to elicit this reaction.

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